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What is Eugenics, and why are we talking about it? Eugenics is the improvement of individuals or races or humanity by various means. Positive Eugenics uses methods such as encouraging good specimens to marry and procreate, and Negative Eugenics uses methods such as legalizing sterilization. Why are we talking about it? We are discussing Eugenics to lay the foundation for the understanding of the depopulation agenda which will only be touched upon in this post. So we will look at some little-known facts that might help to wake people up to the Trump Supporters’ World (TSW), which is a different paradigm than the ordinary Democrats’ world.


I believe the science of Eugenics is not well known as well as the fact that 60,000 people were legally sterilized between the 1930s and the 1970s. Several states passed laws for forced sterilizations; Virginia being the first.   Albert Puddy spearheaded a plan to first get a law passed in Virginia that would allow or mandate the forced sterilization of feebleminded. Epileptics, and other unfit individuals to improve the human race and to avoid the financial burden of the offspring of such people. Then he would have someone sue and it would go to the Supreme Court.


His plan was carried out and the Supreme Court in a decision of 8 to 1 upheld the right to sterilize certain unfit people.1  This ruling has of the writing of the article not been revoked. At the time of the Supreme Court ruling there seemed to be a good number of the populace that approved of Eugenics.  But in the 1940s Eugenics fell out of favor. Can you guess why? Basically, it seems that the populace was indeed aware that the concentration camps grew out of the philosophy of Eugenics that had been put forth by Americans.2   The horror of the last efforts of the Nazis did not start with trying to eliminate a whole group of people but with the idea that the human race needs to be improved or at least not degraded. But from there the ideas devolved through the war years until it became the horror that is so assaulting to our hearts and to humanity.

So where did the whole thing start? Well it started with an extrapolation of Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory. The proponents also used Gregory Mendel’s work on the laws of inheritance. These two systems were put together to take control of our evolution by weeding out the unfits. The biggest issue with Eugenics is who decides; who is so wise as to know that eliminating some people or types of people will indeed make our human race better? For me, the most problematic is what is the basis for such a decision. When I read about what people say who are in favor, I hear logic without a connection to heart. This discussion is outside the scope of this paper but being the author, I get to put in my ideas.

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Gregory Mendel founded genetics, identified traits as dominant and recessive, identified rules of inheritance

The study of Eugenics has morphed into population control.3 Now this is somewhat better known and even, I think, considered worthy of looking deeply into. Again, I could find no name attached to population control, except China’s foray into its one-child system that has produced a disaster. But why can we not find any names attached to these ideas? I did find that people had accused Bill Gates as a proponent of population control but nothing to substantiate it. I have a theory on why no name can be associated with population control but that will be formulated more generally in a later post.


I wanted to discuss Eugenics and its slide into population control because these ideas are floating around in the milieu of what is influencing the world. The people who cannot be identified might be important to know. Fortunately, the good people of the earth far outnumber those with such terrifying ideas. While Trump supporters may not know about eugenics, they know that the move to population control is real and a threat. It is another part of the reality that Trump Supporters deal with.


Trump Supporters’ World (TSW)

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  2. Population control aka depopulation agenda – World Forces


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