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Imagine you are on a weekend retreat in the mountains.  You take a walk or a ride together on a trail that winds out over a meadow where the tops of mountains are covered with snow, but it is warm enough at your level for a light jacket only.  It is quiet. Everyone has fallen into a contemplative quiet.  The air is so clean that it almost sparkles, and there are no planes overhead.  No cell phones were allowed.

The guide stops, and everyone finds a tree trunk or rock to sit on.  After a few minutes, a buck with several points is spotted across the way just outside the trees.  Later, going the other direction is a panther, padding easily along the tree line.  Black coat shining off and on as the sun filters through the trees.  Then a deeper silence falls upon the group.  This silence has a quality familiar yet not.  And you sense someone who loves you very much is sitting right beside you.  And mind to mind, you talk.  You have never done this before, but it seems so easy with this person.  You discuss your job, your family,  your dreams, and even the trail ride.  Your companion says, “take a look around.”  You look at the people who came with you on the trail, people you did not know only hours ago.  Now you see a warm aura around each one, and you feel a love for each one.  You notice that each one seems to be conversing with someone.  They look to their side.  They smile shyly, and some laugh out loud.  You understand that each one is experiencing a loving person next to them.  None of the persons can be seen, but they feel as real as the warm sunlight on their arms.  And suddenly, you hope you will never have to leave this place, this heaven,  unasked for but so sweet.

You are made to understand that your family would have enough to live on, and you, too, would not want financially.  Your employer is fine with your extended stay, no matter how long.

And you begin to realize that the peace that had descended at this retreat has, in fact, descended all over the earth everywhere.  There is no conflict at all.  And due to technologies that have recently been rolled out, everyone has enough to eat and plenty of clear, clean water.  Every family, whether on the street or not, has the means to warm themselves.  Everyone has the opportunity to be completely healed.  All addictions of every kind have also been healed.  All vehicles are being renovated with exotic propulsion systems.

Now let’s come back to the present you.  What is your reaction to this?  If need be, put aside all disbelief or any part of it and go back and reread it.  Would you resonate with such a life of abundance?  Do you long for this kind of life?

While we might disagree on details on how and why this golden age comes, still many President Trump supporters look forward to it.  The alternative news reporters will talk about the Golden Age from time to time.  President Trump refers to a good life that is coming -better than we can imagine.  While this may be written off as rhetoric, for Trump supporters, this is an indication that he is expecting and working toward a Golden Age.[1]

He has plans for worldwide peace.  One can see this in the NESARA information[2].  Some supporters are imagining what peace would look like or feel like.  They do this because, as the globalists have known and used against us by continually pushing fear and visions of awful things so humans will center on it, think about it.  The Globalists know that imagination is a powerful thing, and with many people imagining the same thing, it gives energy to the actual formation of it.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t want it to happen; what matters is the energy focused on an idea and the feelings accompanying that focus.[3]  So there are Trump supporters doing the same thing for peace, so peace will become a reality.

There are Scriptures that speak of a Golden Age, I believe.  It may not use those words,  But whether coming from a secular or religious point of view, there is no real conflict.  Peace is peace, does it matter how it comes.  Some people swear that God will bring peace.  I agree.  I believe He or She will use people to do so. The foundation is well on the way.