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Four or five lanes of traffic at a stoplight, all idling, putting out emissions. Too bad emissions can’t be oxygen or water.

Told in Layman’s Language

This post is intended to be a breather between the posts on what’s wrong. Even so, it may be that in talking about what’s good, one will understand that suppression has been involved, but the focus will be on the product and what it offers and not on why it hasn’t come out.

Today, I will talk about “free energy.” This is a big, scientific subject. I will be talking in layman’s language. I can’t help it. It’s all I know. But I also want to convey some of the promise of free energy.

Now it may be that when you hear about this fantastic idea, you will want to dismiss it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to capture a few gallons of this rain to put in your “gas” tank? 

Why haven’t our cars been redesigned?

There are patents for the production of hydrogen-producing machines to run a car on water. Let me add that to obtain a patent; one must convince the patent office that it can work. Also, I ask you, do you remember how telephones worked 100 years ago. Do they have the same basic components? Could someone who knew about fixing telephones back then be able to fix a cell phone today without being retrained and educated about how the wireless connections are possible? Our houses are no longer log cabins.   How about the way we tell time. Is there a little difference or a lot? A little if you point to a watch but a lot if you look at how most people really tell time.

What about the car engine? How different is it? Does it still have pistons? Still, use gas? I’m thinking that someone from a 100 years ago would see some difference but not in the basic design.   So how is it that the car engine hid from all the innovation of the last 100 years. I mean, think about it. We have manufactured rockets that can go to the moon and back, but our cars still smoke along on gas no matter how damaging to the air and environment! Maybe something else is at work. As I promised at the beginning, this will not be about why or what happened but on the promise of free energy itself.


What is Free Energy?

It is referred to as zero point energy or radiant energy. This means it comes from the energy in the ether of space. It has been determined that space is not a void of nothingness but has electromagnetic energy everywhere. Please see the reference #3 of Howard Putoff, a renowned scientist. I think of it as energy that is from the ether that does not cost anything to tap and to use.

So I did a little digging on free energy. First thing I found out is that some of the machines claim they are producing free energy; but they are not; they might be a step along a certain path to a machine that can. The second thing I found out is there are many scams about free energy machines.1$2 But I looked at free energy from different angles. I listened to a short video3  of Howard Putoff, who spoke quite candidly. Studying his lectures reveals a lot about how scientists approach things that they do not believe can exist because of their “knowledge” of scientific laws.


Why Hydrogen?

I will take a moment to explain the main objection to producing enough hydrogen, which can be gotten from water. A common way to produce hydrogen is through electrolysis. The problem is that the amount of energy to produce the hydrogen is more than the energy that can be gotten by that hydrogen. Therefore hydrogen released by electrolysis cannot be used to run anything efficiently. However, there are cars now that use hydrogen. The fuel pumps are mostly in California.4,5  If you look up these references, you will not find anything about free energy, but you will see that hydrogen makes a wonderful fuel with oxygen and hydrogen as exhaust. (95% of the production of hydrogen uses carbonaceous raw materials.)  Lots of R&D is going on regarding hydrogen.


The Car that ran on Water

I did a little more digging and found three videos about the car that Stanley Meyer produced that ran on water. Each video gives a different angle toward his invention. These three videos are described and referenced next. The first one I reference is an interview of Meyer standing beside his car and explaining how it works.6  The second video is about how in 1965, he drove his car to show in many places with the purpose of showing a car can run on water. The video gives an interesting short history of Stanley Meyer. It also gives a superficial look at the troubles he had near the end of his life and how Meyer died. The creator of the video ended with the statement that he did not believe the car could run on water, because, you guessed it, electrolysis cannot produce enough hydrogen to produce enough energy to run the car.7  The third video is all about the resistance that Meyer experienced. Scientists explain the resistance quite plainly.8


Stanley Meyer’s Excellent Information

Let’s carry on. Let’s look at what Meyer wrote.He explained what he did, he had detailed schematics9. And he explained it in such a way that even I could see that his electrolysis was done very differently than the electrolysis that was being used as a measuring stick for what can or cannot be done with it. There is also a video10 showing his “electrolysis” and the amount of hydrogen being produced. Apparently, Meyer’s contemporaries would read what he wrote and would not believe it. This seemed to be the normal reaction.

As I also promised, I am speaking in layman’s terms. So I am putting references at the end of this post for anyone who wants to see if such a thing is possible. I believe it is. First of all, to say at this time of the world that something is impossible seems to be a reckless thing to say. Look at the many things that have been invented and changed the way we do things. Many of those things have stories of someone who was an “expert,” stating that it is impossible or no one would be interested. Flying was impossible, and no one would be interested in personal computers. Let’s just open our minds. If Meyer actually didn’t achieve what he said, at least he tried and has given much information for the next person.

close-up of rear light on a blue car. Emissions are mistiy over the picuture which includes the rear end of a gray car.

There would be no mistiness if emissions were water.

How Would the World Benefit from Free Energy

I wanted to make sure that the importance of free energy was looked at. I used Bing’s questions. The question came from a section called “People also ask:  What is free energy and why is it important?

With free energy, everyone will have equal access, and this is believed to vastly reduce hunger and [poverty]  and other forms of ailments that plague the world. Nikola Tesla was believed to have created radiant energy, or free energy, as it is popularly called today.


How is Pres. Trump Involved

It is fairly well known that there are over 5,700 patents that have been deemed National Security risks and are therefore unavailable for any citizen to look at and try to build. I remember that Pres. Trump ordered that the National Security Dept. must declassify a 1000 patents.11,12 Whether this has been carried out or not, I don’t know.


But one reason I want to talk about this is because of the benefits and Trump’s relationship to Nikola Tesla. Pres. Trump’s uncle earned a bachelor’s in electrical engineering, a master’s degree in Physics, and a Doctorate in electrical engineering at MIT, where he also worked under Robert J. Van de Graaff. He helped extend the lives of cancer patients by developing a High-Voltage Xray Generator. Because of his expertise, he was requested by the FBI to look over Nikola Tesla’s papers after his death. I have heard many people say that if Trump’s uncle looked at those papers, he more than likely told Donald Trump about them. I say that is speculation until someone admits they overheard them speaking or

until Dr. Trump or Pres. Trump actually says, “Yes, we talked about it.”


Because of the visionary work of Tesla, someone who had a very strong background, such as Dr. Trump’s was needed to understand what he had written. They wanted someone to get there before enemy agents could learn Tesla’s secrets. The report confirmed that no weapons of mass destruction like a Death Ray, for instance, were included in his papers. I found an interview with Dr. John Trump about his perusal and investigation of his papers and items.13


For an all-around introductory look at free energy, please review the references below:  (They were all referenced within the body of the post.)

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8  Shows and explains the tremendous resistance to this particular invention

9   Once on the landing page, click on Stanley Meyer and then Memo1.  To get a better understanding. Read all 11 memos. has many very interesting people and other information. The website name means the third generation after Tesla. You can find out about Nickola Tesla on this site too.

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