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​Disclaimers and Rights or How can a sweet elderly lady be for Trump

I want to write a blog that will help to heal the divide and still tell the truth as I see it. So first, I need to do a disclaimer.  I support President Dondald j. Trump wholeheartedly. Maybe the bridge over the gap will be to explain how such a sweet elderly woman such as myself could be a Trumper. Well, as the blog goes along, I  hope that it will become clear why a sweet elderly woman and many others support Pres. Trump. I do not intend to make a believer out of the reader but an understander. Now back to continue the disclaimer, I am not a historian, a politician, or a political scientist. I am speaking out of my experience, my understanding, and my personal study, if you wish to call it that.


Why do I think I have the right to speak on such an important subject? Well, isn’t that one of the rights in this country – we get to speak our mind. Those who listen must then make up their mind on what to take and what to leave. Otherwise, how can we learn if we say someone cannot speak and certainly doesn’t have the right to. Therefore, I claim my right as a child of God who was given this inalienable right, as was every person.


To build a bridge of understanding requires telling the truth as the builder sees it. I’m saying this because one might have the idea that because the aim is lofty, it will be all sweet and huggy. I want to come from that place, but most of the people who have ended up on the side of President Donald J. Trump and stayed there throughout 4 years of constant, vicious attacks by the mainstream media did so because they had to deal with some nasty stuff, one could even say evil, they had to change their view of the world, maybe even of religion, of every institution, and of many people they put up on a pedestal. So, unfortunately, everything will not all be nice. But I never want to lose sight of the growth that came along with staying with Pres. Trump and the growing understanding that Life has a great big wondrous gift of love and joy in the near future. And as much evil, as had to be looked at, Love and Goodness grew to overcome all evil. Looking back on that struggle, it will seem that there was not even a contest. But now, we must remind ourselves of a heaven on earth every day. Sometimes in trying to explain why one is a Trumper, all the wonder gets lost. So along with the explanation, I want to take breaks to talk about the love and joy. I want to make it as easy as possible for someone to cross the bridge of understanding.   (1 minute 15 seconds)

If not between Democrat and Republican, who

Long story short, this is not a dissertation of the differences between the Republicans and the Democrats, rather, the blog is grounded on the belief or truth that there is a third entity that makes the world turn the way it turns. This third entity is referred to with many names:  Iluminati, Deep State, Cabal, Black Hats to name the most familiar.) []  There is a phrase in the scriptures that says “We struggle not with flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places”   I have been familiar with this verse (Ephesians 6:12) for many years and now, finally, it has meaning and expresses exactly the situation that we now live in.


I want to give a little more description to the political landscape. First, there are 7 groups that I will enumerate. These areas, more than anything else, speak to the divide that must be bridged.

Group 1: Corrupted Democrat Congressional/State and  Officeholders

Group 2:  Uncorrupted Democrat Congressional/State and  Officeholders

Group 3: Corrupted Republicans Congressional/State and  Officeholders

Group 4:  Uncorrupted Republican Congressional/State and  Officeholders

Group 5: ordinary citizens who are Republicans, Independents, or otherwise Trump supporters

Group 6:  ordinary citizens who are Democrats and otherwise Trump haters

Group 7:  the rulers, the powers, the world forces of this darkness, the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places  (referred to collectively from now on as the world forces.)


The groups containing the ordinary citizens are fairly easily understood, and that is all I will say about that for now.  Stating that some Congressional/State and local Officeholders are corrupted may sound full of hubris. But I don’t think so because if someone knowingly supports the agenda of the world forces, that person is corrupted. The blog will eventually explain the world forces’ agenda, and then you will understand why if someone supports it, it indicates corruption. The world forces’ agenda is vast and unbelievable to the ordinary citizens of every party.



This is such a brief introduction, but the main points are there, and of course, as we go along, more will be explained. The next blog will begin to speak of the world forces’ agenda. Talk to you next time. Bless everyone who has begun this journey.