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I want so much to prove to you the extent of the media’s deception to the American people if you don’t already know it.  I have a disclaimer.  I am not objective in this post.  I have seen too many lies propagated by the media, and I have seen the havoc and chaos supported by it.  I will do my best to show the media as an untrustworthy news source.  The footnote links provide evidence of the deception.

News is Based on Trust

What a country’s people think is very important.  If one can accept that, one can see that the media of a country must be free and objective.  How easy it would be to deceive and therefore control a country if the media is deceptive.  Anything and everything can be manipulated and geared toward a certain narrative.  Dissenting voices cannot be heard. (1)  


News is totally based on trust.  Totally.  How do you know that a video of a person you don’t know in a place you’ve never been is really what they say it is? (2)  In this revealing article from Scoop, please watch for Operation Mockingbird. (3)   Better yet, do some research on Operation Mockingbird.


I believe this is the situation in which we find ourselves in the United States of America today.  For example, the children in cages were shown and attributed to Pres. Trump’s administration. (4) The opinion piece by Eoin Higgins makes strong comments on the attempt of Democrat leaders to erase history in regard to these cages.  They believe that Trump’s actions were horrible, but the author rightly says one cannot really comment about Pres. Trump, unless Obama’s part is disclosed and not swept under the rug of history.  One last comment is that there was no calling out of the attempt to lie by using photos that were misidentified.  To do this by mistake seems a bit naïve, as every photo has to have permission to be used or thoroughly researched to see if it is in the public domain.  I believe it was intentional deception, and this fact gets lost in all the comments of which president is worse. 


Note:  In listening to other reports, the reason for missing parents was not addressed.  It was made clear that Pres. Trump was separating them from adults who were with the children but not necessarily the parents.  The problem was human trafficking.  Were these children being trafficked or somehow lost from their parents? According to the different programs and reports, the Border Control would determine if they were being trafficked; they would then need to locate the parents in the respective countries from which they came.  As a counter to Link (4) please read (5) and (6), which give information regarding human trafficking and the policies used to combat it during Pres. Trump’s administration. (7)

The Citizen Reporters

While the media has been steadily losing integrity, a group of citizen reporters has arisen.  These people independently decide to start a channel on some platform and begin broadcasting the news.  They get this news from various places; some have connections close to Trump and other insiders. Some of the citizen reporters get their content from deep research, and some are prophets, some channel, or any combination of these methods.  If these citizen reporters develop their skills as interviewers and reporters, they build up a following.  All start with a few hundred viewers, but after a few weeks, some go on to build up to millions of viewers, as Phil Godlewski has done.  It is claimed that many of these citizen reporters have more viewers than CNN.  


Citizen reporters have influenced many people.  The mainstream calls their reporting “disinformation.” Hence there has been heavy censorship on Youtube, Google, and Twitter particularly.   If you go to the links listed below, you will know that the mainstream media is giving out disinformation in order to deceive the people.  Know, however, the citizen reporter does give out disinformation, usually unknowingly.  I will discuss this in the next paragraph. 


Remember, the issue is not between Republican and Democrat but between Globalists and we, the people of the world. The stakes between the two are high.  The Globalists want one leader of the world who has total power versus the people who want a Golden Age.  If you are planning something to help take down the globalists, you do not tell what and when that will take place.  So there have been many times disinformation was given to the citizen reporters because the Globalists listen to them in order to find out what the White Hats are planning to do.  The citizen reporters were very unhappy when they found out their information was false.  It made them look foolish or unreliable as a source for intel.  It took several years for the citizen reporters and their listeners to figure this out and to understand that disinformation is to deceive the Globalists.  

Breaking down the Narrative

In the last 5 to 6 years, I began hearing the word “narrative” used when people were speaking of the news media.  “Narrative” hit me a bit wrong.  A narrative is a story; “narrative” is used to describe a storyline in a book.  From an online dictionary: a “narrative” is a spoken or written account of connected events, a story. (8)  This is how I understand this:  The MSM reporters are not really giving factual reports but spoken accounts of connected events that become a story.  For example, the narrative given about the character of Pres. Trump is that he is not bright; he is a redneck in disguise, he is a criminal, and he is greedy.  If you listen to people who study what he does and says, the story is much different: he is considered brilliant, a lover of the law, who has given himself in service to his country.  The MSM’s narrative around Jan. 6 is that Trump incited his followers to storm the capital and be insurgents with the aim of taking back the election.  Those who follow Trump and watched him on Jan. 6 saw and heard a different story which was well later explained by David Shoen(9) one of Pres. Trump’s defense lawyers, who put video clips and facts together in such a way to show the MSM’s story was absolutely concocted and fraudulent.)  I watched and listened to the speech that Pres. Trump gave. There was nothing inflammatory.  At the very end, he said something that seemed odd, and hence I have remembered it.  He said, “It is time to go home now.  Go home and be peaceful.”  And the estimated one million parade participants began to break up. I have heard the idea that Trump Supporters are brainwashed and would do whatever he commands them.   Do you think that a few people could hold back a million entranced followers if they unthinkingly did whatever Pres. Trump said? Plus, there is evidence that Pres. Trump offered to send 10,000 (10) national guard to help out on that day because it was known that trouble was planned. Those in charge turned him down.


The MSM seems to be owned or on the side of the Globalists.  They lie about events.  They have an agenda, and if one must lie, it is most likely not in the service of humanity.

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(7) The subject of separating families at the border is much bigger than the scope of this paper.  Without a doubt, most of the articles I read were strongly critical of Pres. Trump’s policy.  I also realized that these critical articles are written from a Liberal point of view.  I searched for one article that gave a different view.  I started to search each part of it and realized the subject is too big.  Many questions need to be asked that need answered with real data.  So, just know that there are two sides to this story.  If you are interested, you will have to research it.


(9)a Georgia-based lawyer who defended Pres. Trump in his 2nd impeachment

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