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Let me explain this posts and the ones to follow.

When I first started out, I was writing in a relaxed manner, a slow sequence.  However, the end is approaching.  The end of what?  Well, in Patriot/Truther lingo, it is the end of the movie.  The movie is everything that has been reported as going on around the world.  In the near future, the truth is going to be revealed.  I should restate that the truth is already coming out.  Consider the FTX scandal.

  1. The big reveal is found amid the Twitter dump.
  2. And as the truth comes out, people will most likely be unpleasantly surprised because much of what is revealed did not show up on the mainstream news. This is alluded to in the #1 reference below if you listen to the whole thing, which is approximately 7 ½ minutes.

The “Movie”

The “movie” refers to the fact that much of what was shown on the news was made up or a lie.  So, what were you seeing, a movie being produced by the CABAL.  The CABAL/Globalists/Illuminati wanted you to think that the world was pretty much the same as always. That the United States was as free as before and that judges and laws were all for our good. They did this by being organized and every channel using the same word. They used emotions of fear and anger and implying if one went their way, one was on the moral high ground.  The other thing they did was disrespect Trump, what he said and what he did. They made fun of the Q supporters and Trump supporters.  They twisted and spun Trump’s words until the meaning was the opposite.

So, the end of the movie is coming when the truth will be made known, and therefore the politics will need to adjust to a truthful environment.  The fallout from the truth could be great and painful.  One will realize they had been duped, people who were once admired were working for the downfall of humanity, and history was not as taught. Many Trump supporters will have already gone through this pain and come to the point that not too much will surprise them except what is being called the ‘scare event.’  This event will make it look like everything will be lost, but everything will be fine.  The event will be allowed to scare everyone, so the last sleepers have a chance to wake up to what is really happening.

The ‘movie’ has been a centuries-long saga of struggle, disease, and death.  There are, of course, moments of tenderness, faith, and great love.  Earth’s people have continued through it all to show courage in the small everyday decisions they made to carry on. They chose to love and act out of love despite the continual soul-dampening effects that the CABAL threw the people’s way.  The ‘movie’ is going to end in triumph, joy, and abundance unknown before.

Because the ‘movie’ is about over, I need to streamline my manner of sharing about what I believe is happening.  I am calling it the Quick Path Posts.   I will now be more direct while still trying to go as easily as possible.  May the end of the movie arrive soon.