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Here is an irony that often dominates my thought.

It’s about my brother, my oldest sibling, and whom I idolized when I was in school. He was five years older than me, and I thought he was so smart and good-looking and knowledgeable, second to my father.

But a few years ago, we started talking over the phone. Many years after high school had passed, and as it turned out, just a few years before his death which I didn’t know at the time, of course, but how I wish I had. I was appalled at his beliefs and ideas. To cap it all off, he listened to Rush Limbaugh. It was unbelievable. He used to say that the country was like Germany was before Nazism.

But what, I mainly remember the feelings and my unkindness and inability to defend or express my own belief, not the actual details. It’s funny how I no longer can remember all the horrible things he said. If someone had told me I would be echoing almost everything he said a mere 5 or 6 years later, I would have thought they were totally insane.

The type of interaction of looking at one’s family and finding their viewpoints unbelievable and political issues contentious at best is a scenario repeated over and over now in cities and hamlets throughout the United States, if not the world.

Now, let me just say how I wish I could have changed those interactions with my brother. How I wish, I had asked questions so I could have understood, how I could have been generous to his viewpoints even though different. But I believed he was responsible for all the problems and of course, everyone liked him.   I, therefore, could not be generous. I believe he has forgiven me now for the person I used to be. Now there it is out in the open. 

If, by writing this blog, some of that animosity between siblings or friends, or coworkers can be alleviated, I would really feel successful. Of course, maybe this will make it worse.   Nevertheless, I am aiming at bringing some understanding about the Republican side, aka the Trumper side, to those who cannot hear it from a sibling.  

I desire, and I feel at one with the ordinary Demoncrats when I wish that Peace, love, and joy shall grow and abound,  And I love my ordinary Demoncrat sister, nieces, and nephews. I wouldn’t let this come between us even if they were to let it stand between us.

I believe it will all be revealed, and ordinary life will be transformed into the age of Aquarius, which we have possibly already started, as shown in astrology.